• Soundproof Floors in Bristol & Bath

Soundproof Floors in Bristol & Bath

When considering a Soundproofing Installation for flooring, we help you to establish the noise prevention you wish to achieve, whilst taking into account the existing structure and desired floor finish after installation. 

Do you want to reduce noise coming up through the floor, or to prevent noise leaking through to your neighbours or nearby buildings? We have a vast range of materials and installation solutions available to you. We will help you to create a specification and assess your property before coming up with a plan for you to acheive peace and quiet. 

We provide a comprehensive solutions to unwanted noise travelling through floors, and endeavour to restore privacy in your property. Whether it is accoustic underlay, soundproof carpets, soundproof floorboards, or soundproof underlay, we can resolve the noise issues you are experiencing.  The benefits of choosing us is that we will come up with a bespoke solution for you, and leave you with the finished soundproofed floor you are looking for.

After an initial assessment, we will give you a preliminary estimate of cost. If you are happy to continue forward, an onsite inspection is necessary to create an full and accurate quote, whilst also providing you a sample of the intended Soundproofing materials which we recommend.

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Soundproof Floors in Bristol & Bath

Soundproofing Soundproof Floors in Bristol & Bath

With over 18 years of soundproofing experience, and using a vast range of materials in the process, and using our client feedback, we have developed 4 acoustic floor installations for you to choose from. In offering these choices, we can tackle any unwanted noise issues, whether you want the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of materials installed, or have budget restrictions that require the best economic solution available.

NR1000F - Floor Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction 1000F

NR1000F is the perfect product for sound insulating floors in domestic and commercial environments, and can be laid under a wide range of floor finishes. It is manufactured in 3 different grades.

NR2000F - Floor Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction 2000F

NR2000F can be laid directly onto concrete floor or on top of an existing timber floor, and reduces flanking transmission by being isolated from walls and other structural elements.

NR3000F - Floor Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction 3000F

NR3000F can be laid directly onto the joists in a broken bond pattern with all joints glued and perimeters sealed. Reduces flanking transmission by being isolated from walls and other structural elements.

NR4000F - Floor Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction 4000F

NR4000F is a high performance acoustic flooring solution designed to comply with Building Regulations Part E and significantly reduce airborne noise transmission, such as speech, TV and music, through timber joisted floor / ceiling constructions.

Soundproof Floors in Bristol & Bath

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Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
  • I’m very happy with the quality of the work, the finish is fantastic and you’d never be able to tell a whole load of soundproofing materials have been installed above the plastered ceiling. The installers were really friendly, pleasant guys. They were very professional, thorough, and extremely tidy too! Best of all though, the reduction in noise from upstairs has massively exceeded my hopes – what was a constant source of sleep interruption and tired days, is now nothing more than the occasional faint sound. Worth every penny. Thanks again.

    Mr Ian Lane, Bristol
  • Very professional service. Dowlings inspected the room and recommended Maxiboard - then provided a firm quote which they stuck to and a schedule which they did not run over. The work took a 5 days to do a ceiling and one wall. They took great care to keep mess down to a minimum and left the place as clean and tidy as you could realistically expect. It was expensive but you only get what you pay for. And the good news is it worked. The noise of TVs, voices, phones ringing have all been blocked out. The foot-fall noise from above has been cut to a tolerable level. Good work!

    Mr Rowland Spyer, Clevedon
  • I asked The Sound Proofer to soundproof two walls in a top floor bedroom that had road noise and poor thermal insulation. Through chatting with Nick I was able ascertain the type of soundproofing needed and was provided a fixed price quote. Communication was excellent and they did exactly what was spec'ed out and agreed, the work started on time and continued until it was finished. I'm very pleased with the work carried out and would say that The Sound Proofer are a very professional outfit.

    Mr Rick Hewes, BathEaston